Neofolk and Neoclassical

Abandoned Toys- Birthing of the Unicorn

Agalloch- A Celebration For The Death Of Man

AKRABU- Mantra of Lucidity

Ataraxia- Ophélie

Black Tape for a Blue Girl- All My Lovers

Current 93- Those Flowers Grew

Daemonia Nymphe- Dance of the Satyrs

Dead Can Dance- Kiko

FAUN- Federkleid

Hexperos- Autumnus

IN MY ROSARY- Short Dance

Kauan- Valveuni

Kentin Jivek- Le Diable Amoureux

Nest- Otterheart

Nucleus Torn- A Declaration Of Mistrust

Omnia- Fee Ra Huri

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio- Imbecile/ My Idiot Lover

Orplid- Orplid

Qntal- Entre moi et mon amin

Sonne Hagal- Morpheus

SOPOR AETERNUS- In der Palästra

Spiritual Front- Jesus died in Las Vegas

Tenhi- Jäljen

TriORE- No tears are shed for you and me

Ulver- Høyfjeldsbilde

Vashti Bunyan- If I Were- Same But Different

Vishudha Kali- Rituals from Water

Wardruna- Runaljod

Weh- Desolate

Woodkid- Iron

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