A journey begins… (mix 1)

Arthame- Päällä ristin mustat linnut

Avenir Funèbre- La Plaidoierie Du Défunt

Burzum- Illa Tiðandi

Cernunnos Woods- Into Glory We Ride

Cintecele Diavolui- Soulless

Depressive Silence- Atmosphere

Draug Dae- Farewell To The King

Drochtuarach- Hilarius of Poitiers

Druadan Forest- Vi Dyr Ennui

Dungeons of Irithyll- Delving Deep

Ekthelion- In the lair of the Witch Queen

Elador- Great Forest

Equitant- The Fallen Walls of Agurak (A Time of Misery)

Erang- Return To The Dark Dungeon

Faery Ring- Nocturnal Journey Into Darkening Woodland

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