Submit to self destruction

Austere- This Dreadful Emptiness

Forgotten Tomb- Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love

Nachtmystium- Every Last Drop

Nocturnal Depression- Crystal Tears

Shining- Lat oss ta allt fran varandra

Skitliv- Skandinavisk Misantropi

Striborg- Southwest Passage

Thy Light- A Crawling Worm in a World of Lies

Uaral-Nothing feels like nothing

Woods of Desolation- The Inevitable End

Xasthur- Telepathic With The Deceased

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    A journey begins… (mix 2)

    Gvasdnahr- Seier

    Lord Lovidicus- Telperion and Laurelin

    Lord Wind- Going to War

    Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra- Algol’s Black Lights

    Mortiis- Visjoner Av En Eldgammel Fremtid

    Mournlord- Reconquering Our Kingdom

    Murgrind- Far Winds beyond the Mountains

    Myrrdin- To Behold an Ancient Kingdom

    Old Tower- The Rise of the Specter

    Trolsk- I Salar Av Evig Natt

    Uruk-Hai- Elves and Men

    Utred- Armorial Beast

    Valar- At The Gates Of Mordor

    Valscharuhn- Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

    Wongraven- Tiden Er En Stenlagt Grav

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      A journey begins… (mix 1)

      Arthame- Päällä ristin mustat linnut

      Avenir Funèbre- La Plaidoierie Du Défunt

      Burzum- Illa Tiðandi

      Cernunnos Woods- Into Glory We Ride

      Cintecele Diavolui- Soulless

      Depressive Silence- Atmosphere

      Draug Dae- Farewell To The King

      Drochtuarach- Hilarius of Poitiers

      Druadan Forest- Vi Dyr Ennui

      Dungeons of Irithyll- Delving Deep

      Ekthelion- In the lair of the Witch Queen

      Elador- Great Forest

      Equitant- The Fallen Walls of Agurak (A Time of Misery)

      Erang- Return To The Dark Dungeon

      Faery Ring- Nocturnal Journey Into Darkening Woodland

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        Gothic Rock


        45 Grave- Evil

        CAUDA PAVONIS- Carnival Noir

        Charon- Deep Water

        Christian Death- Dream for Mother

        Corpus Delicti- The Awakening

        FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM- Trees come down

        The Birthday Massacre- In The Dark

        Inkubus Sukkubus- Paint it black

        Killing Joke- Unspeakable

        London After Midnight- Sacrifice

        Lycia- Drifting

        Mephisto Walz- Dear familiar phantoms

        Merciful Nuns- – Body of Light

        Misfits- Scream!

        Moira Scar- Organ Grinder

        MOONSPELL- Extinct

        Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds- Henry Lee

        Nightwish- While Your Lips Are Still Red

        NOSFERATU- Crysania

        Rasputina- The Olde HeadBoard

        Siouxsie and the Banshees- Cities in dust

        Sirenia- The Mind Maelstrom

        Sisters of Mercy- More

        The 69 Eyes- Dance d´Amour

        The Birthday Party- Nick The Stripper

        The Cure- A Forest

        THE FACES OF SARAH- All That Is Divine

        The Fallacy- Realize

        The Mission UK- Wasteland

        The Soft Moon- Far

        TIAMAT- Brighter Than The Sun

        Virgin Prunes- Pagan Lovesong

        Xmal Deutschland- Polarlicht


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          Post metal


          Akimbo- Rogue

          Boris- Flood

          Cloudkicker- Were goin in. Were going down

          Corrections House- Serve or Survive

          Cult of Luna- Receiver

          Dazzling Killmen- Blown (Face Down)

          Earth- Land of Some Other Order

          Envy- Unrepairable Gentleness

          Godflesh- Dont bring me flowers

          Isis- Weight

          LOCRIAN- Chalk Point

          MINSK- To the garish remembrance of failure

          Mouth of the Architect- Soil to stone


          Old man gloom- Gift

          Painkiller- Buried Secrets

          Rosetta- Itinerant

          Russian Circles- Atackla

          Rye Wolves- Frank Miller

          Solstafir- Fjara

          SUMAC- Thorn in the lions paw

          Supercontinent- Lakes of Iron

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            Neofolk and Neoclassical

            Abandoned Toys- Birthing of the Unicorn

            Agalloch- A Celebration For The Death Of Man

            AKRABU- Mantra of Lucidity

            Ataraxia- Ophélie

            Black Tape for a Blue Girl- All My Lovers

            Current 93- Those Flowers Grew

            Daemonia Nymphe- Dance of the Satyrs

            Dead Can Dance- Kiko

            FAUN- Federkleid

            Hexperos- Autumnus

            IN MY ROSARY- Short Dance

            Kauan- Valveuni

            Kentin Jivek- Le Diable Amoureux

            Nest- Otterheart

            Nucleus Torn- A Declaration Of Mistrust

            Omnia- Fee Ra Huri

            Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio- Imbecile/ My Idiot Lover

            Orplid- Orplid

            Qntal- Entre moi et mon amin

            Sonne Hagal- Morpheus

            SOPOR AETERNUS- In der Palästra

            Spiritual Front- Jesus died in Las Vegas

            Tenhi- Jäljen

            TriORE- No tears are shed for you and me

            Ulver- Høyfjeldsbilde

            Vashti Bunyan- If I Were- Same But Different

            Vishudha Kali- Rituals from Water

            Wardruna- Runaljod

            Weh- Desolate

            Woodkid- Iron

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